Northwoods Foundation

Providing financial assistance to those in need.

About Us

The Northwoods Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was formed based upon the personal philanthropy of Gary Heinze, owner of Northwoods Consulting Partners. Gary has a long history of giving back to his community and through Northwoods, he was able to help many in need. As the company began to grow, he realized that a more formal means of giving was neccessary and the Northwoods Foundation was created.

Our Board

A board of employees oversees the allocation of available funds to requesting entities, based upon funding criteria established by the directives of the Northwoods Foundation. Since its inception, the Northwoods Foundation has helped countless families and organizations throughout the communities where Northwoods employees live and work.

Dennis Acosta - Chairperson

Milan Patel - Treasurer

Ashley Leddy - Secretary

Bethany Abbott - Board Member

David Tagtmeier - Board Member